“This hard-working young post-bopper, originally from Kansas City, Mo., has a warm, full sound on alto saxophone and a taste for music that makes warmth and fullness feel inevitable. “

Nate Chinen – New York Times

“Logan Richardson’s saxophone playing is incisive, multi-dimensional and remarkably flexible, wrapping and twisting phrases into unexpected origami shapes.” 

– Jazz Times


Logan Richardson was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri into a rich historical lineage of improvisational music greatness.
Growing up in Kansas City as a young saxophonist Logan recorded his 1st debut album at the age of 26 years as a leader entitled Cerebral Flow. Two years later he followed up with his sophomore album entitled Ethos.

Initially, in 2009, Logan contacted his dream band, a special mix of personalities including himself as leader, composer, and saxophonist, guitarist Pat Metheny, pianist Jason Moran, bassist Harish Raghavan, and drummer Nasheet Waits to see who would be interested in recording a project together. Everyone agreed and was enthusiastic to record a project together and so it took a few years to pull all of the components together. The album SHIFT has a strong storytelling dynamic, and a deep showing of love, respect, and comradery and is now signed by Blue Note Records, released in October 2015 in Japan and in spring 2016 in the US as well as in Europe.

Touring with this album from Tokyo´s Blue Note Club to New York among several festivals, he also performed as sideman with Christian Scott on all his European dates and has been a part of Gerald Claytons Asia trip. He also did several gigs as a trio with Jeff Ballard and Joe Sanders. Throughout all those activities Logan became more famous and earned great respect for his excellent playing. Performing his new project “BLUES PEOPLE” with a new band the first time at Cheltenham Jazz Festival (UK) in 2017 Logan received fantastic feedback from the media and his audience.

In summer 2017 he recorded his new album BLUES PEOPLE in Omaha at “Make Believe Studios” together with Ryan Lee (drums), DeAndre Mannings (bass), Justus West (guitar) and the Berlin-based Ukrainian guitar player Igor Osypov within 4 days. The record will be released March 2, 2018 on Ropeadope and also be released through Christian Scotts Online App “Stretch Music”.